Trump Labels Republican Tax Plan as “Too Complicated”

Seeks Advice of Son to Simplify Plan; Barron to Submit Replacement

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal this week, President Trump described portions of the proposed Republican corporate tax plan as “too complicated” and vowed to simplify.  “I like my tax plans like I like my women. Nice and simple,” Trump explained.

In revising the plan, the President is reportedly seeking the counsel of one of his sons, once again pushing the limits of his family’s public and private interests.  Barron Trump, 10, has submitted a replacement plan aimed at making the tax code so easy “even a 9-year-old could understand it.”  The proposal, presented in the eight standard Crayola colors, attempted to address the problems of ‘border adjustments’, which would tax imports while exempting exports. “Anytime I hear border adjustment, I don’t love it,” he told the Journal. “But if any Trump can make sense of it, it’s Barron.”