Trump University Denied NCAA Tourney Bid

White House Cries Foul

Trump University

Washington, DC (TDP) – The bubble has burst once again for Trump University.  The Men’s NCAA Basketball Selection Committee announced its field of 68 teams for this year’s tournament Sunday night, a lineup that did not include the defunct, for-profit education company.  “I think we’ve proven we belong,” commented Chief White House Strategist and Men’s Head Basketball Coach Steve ‘Race’ Bannon. “We’re undefeated on the court and in the courts.  Trump University has not lost any of the hundreds of lawsuits filed against us.”

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer denounced the oversight as well.  “Outside forces clearly influenced the recent election.  Er, I mean, selection.”  When asked of the chances that the school would receive a bid to the Women’s Tournament, Spicer responded, “Don’t try to trip me up with trick questions.  Women don’t play basketball.”

Although Fox News had Trump University projected as a 1-seed out of the East Regional, the last four at-large spots were awarded to Kansas State, Wake Forest, USC, and Providence.  “Not even a lousy NIT bid,” Coach Bannon complained.  “Christ, anyone can get an NIT bid.”

The Tournament oversight did not go unnoticed by President Trump who hosted a Selection Show party at his Mar-a-lago estate on Sunday.