Elderly Twin Chairs Die Within Hours of Each Other

Recently Reunited After 80+ Years


Westerville, OH (TDP) – Born in a humble workshop almost 85 years ago, a matching pair of French leather club chairs succumbed to old age this week just hours apart.   The twin chairs were produced in Hickory, North Carolina on October 24, 1932, the handiwork of Earl and Beverly Watson.  Separated soon after birth, the two chairs were unaware of each other’s existence until recently.  “When I saw this chair at a local flea market, I was stunned,” said David Burns, 61, of Westerville, Ohio.  “The resemblance to the chair in my TV room was remarkable.”

With a little research, Burns was able to confirm that the furniture pieces were, indeed, identical twins.  “I can’t imagine there’s anything else like them in the world.”

Burns also said the timing of their deaths could not be a coincidence.  “God brought them into this world together, and they were taken at the same time,” said Burns. “It’s how they would have wanted it.”