Widow Keeps Meeting Men Wearing Late Husband’s Clothes

Regrets Goodwill Donation Decision

Recently-widowed Edna Crouse will no longer donate her late husband’s clothes to the local Goodwill. The 78-year-old Yeehaw Junction resident reports encountering numerous men dressed in the clothing of her deceased husband, Roland. “It’s quite upsetting,” said Mrs. Crouse. “I’ve actually seen gentlemen dressed in outfits matching what we buried him in.”

In attempt to work through her grief and “get out there again,” Mrs. Crouse has joined several senior singles dating services.  “The worst was meeting Harold from seniorsingles.com when he arrived wearing Roland’s L.L. Bean chino pants, tweed sportcoat, and the tie I gave him for his 75th birthday,” said Mrs. Crouse.  “I really wish I had done a better job keeping them clean.”

Other donated items spotted in public include Roland’s favorite Buffalo Bills sweatshirt, John Deere snowblower and a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham sedan.

Roland Crouse was unavailable for comment.