NRA Thankful None of Its Most Ardent Republican Supporters Injured in Congressional Attack

The National Rifle Association expressed its relief today that none of it most passionate supporters were among those injured in the Alexandria, VA congressional baseball shooting.  NRA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre asked for prayers for those wounded in the attack while thanking shooter James Hodgkinson for bringing the gun rights debate back to the forefront.

“While we disagree with his intent to harm Second Amendment supporting legislators, we support his right to carry a legally licensed SKS 7.62 assault rifle and Wesson 9 mm pistol regardless of his criminal or mental health background,” LaPierre stated.  “Godspeed to you, brave soldier”

Of Hodgkinson, he added, “I may not agree with his politics but, goddammit, I’ll fight to the death to support his right to massacre those who don’t agree with his.”

“I just thank God no vote-casting legislators were killed.”

James Hodgkinson was unavailable for comment.